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The ‘Shwa, Ontario, Canada Ricochet said: Specs sound good to me. Isn’t 30W a bit modest with 4xEL84? A Two-Year Unlimited Warranty? What does that mean? It’s not just your neck of the woods. I recall an amptech analysing original Traynors the founder has passed on no? Is this a NAD? The amp sounds seriously good. My understanding from those who work for Traynor as I said, it is only a few miles from my home is that the amp was designed to emulate the classic work done by Pete Traynor back in the 60’s.

A History: ’s Word of the Year

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The Super Champ X2 combo amplifier combines 15 watts of rich, dual-channel tube amp sound with modern extra such as versatile amp voicing and a wide selection of digital effects.

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Yorkville Sound

Dating a Marshall amplifier can be a daunting task for even the most savvy of suitors — Amp Archives is here to help. From until Marshall amplifiers were identified by a four-digit sequential number inside the back panel, reportedly starting with in and reaching at the beginning of While there are serial-like numbers during this era, no standard serial number format has been identified.

The model numbers can be somewhat confusing because model numbers such as or can be mistakenly interpreted as the production year of the amplifier. Amplifiers from this era must be dated within this time span based on their features, or component manufacturers and codes, including speakers, potentiometers and transformers.

History In Traynor amps were designed by Peter Traynor, a music shop (Long & McQuade) repairman who had been customizing amplifiers as a way to save costs for the business. Through experimentation and experience, Traynor developed a bass guitar amplifier that he called the Traynor .

The amp is very well built and solid-feeling, with a heavier-gauge chassis than others I’ve seen in its class. With its toggle switches, smooth Do you have a Carvin guitar or bass tube amp that needs repair or modifications? Here you will find our collection of Carvin schematics. Guitar Amps and Mods Blue Guitar amp mods: Dating a Traynor amp using the three-, Shop by brand, type or price to find that perfect bass guitar for you. And because the YBA1A was a bass amp, Even if it turns out to be lower than 90watts I don’t care anymore as I have a vintage amp … Free Schematics Downloads schematics, free schematics, electronics software download, free schematic diagram, circuit diagram, amplifier schematics, electronic schematic diagram circuit

A History: ’s Word of the Year

Most of us tend to think of guitars made in Japan as dating to the s, when Japanese manufacturers began supplying instruments to meet the seemingly inexhaustible demand created by teenaged babyboomers. But, in fact, Japan has a much longer relationship to the guitar and its ancestors, and in many ways guitars like the Kawai MoonSault were the culmination of that tradition. Indeed, lutes — the progenitor of the guitar — developed somewhere in south-central Asia about 4, years ago, traveling both southwesterly into Mesopotamia and eastward toward the Pacific.

By the second century A. Over time, Japan evolved both short- biwa and long-necked lutes shamisen , so stringed instruments were established when western guitars arrived.

Kawai MS MoonSault. Photo: Michael Wright/The Different Strummer. Most of us tend to think of guitars made in Japan as dating to the s, when Japanese manufacturers began supplying instruments to meet the seemingly inexhaustible demand created by teenaged babyboomers. Fuelled by trends like the “folk.

The Dyna-Bass amp was specifically designed and built to withstand the rigors of rentals and the road. Growth continued in various phases through the ‘s and early ‘s, when the Yorkville design lab had an influx of new blood. Since Yorkville has become even stronger. The re-introduction of Traynor all-tube guitar and bass amps was witnessed in Spring , beginning with the Custom Valve40 and expanding exponentially over the next decade.

Most recently new releases include the Traynor DarkHorse and IronHorse heads and cabinets, the reissue of the highly sought after hand wired Traynor YGM3 guitar amp, and most recently the introduction of the Traynor YBA watt all tube bass head. This marked a significant leap forward in horn technology, arguably the first major advancement in horn development in the last 60 years. Manufactured with precision to a rigorous quality control standard at the Pickering facility, Canadian made VTC ProAudio products are beginning to gain a solid reputation for design innovation and outstanding performance in the highly competitive Line Array category.

Yorkville Sound is still a privately owned, wholly Canadian Company with its corporate head office and manufacturing facility in Pickering, Ontario, Canada, a suburb of Toronto. Currently employing over people, Yorkville designs and manufactures all of its North American built products at the , square foot Pickering facility. We manufacture a full line of professional PA products including mixers, amplifiers, active and passive loudspeaker cabinets and lighting in Canada, at the Pickering facility.

Yorkville Sound also designs and manufactures a complete line of Canadian made tube and solid state instrument amplifiers under the Traynor brand for Canada, the US and export markets. Over the years Yorkville has also launched a complete line of microphones, headphones and accessories available domestically and for export under the Apex Electronics brand, and has established a full catalog of instrument cases and bags, cables, stands and accessories.

How much is my amp worth?

Features one channel and two inputs; volume, bright, treble, treble expander, bass, bass expander, bright switch, deep switch, stand-by switch, pilot light for stand-by and operate. This amp was built to play larger halls and outdoor concerts. The lack of reverb was not a big issue as most live performances had acoustics full of reverberation halls, arenas. Peter Traynor built these things to stand up to road abuse, unlike a lot of vintage stuff.

It sounds great with either bass and guitar, providing a clean and loud tone. Works great in large club settings.

Yorkville Sound is a manufacturer of audio amplifiers (including the Traynor amplifier line), loudspeakers and related professional sound reinforcement equipment. [1] [2] Based in Pickering, Ontario, Canada, the firm has a global presence as an importer and exporter of audio electronic products.

The progress of this type of work is slow, hence the long hiatus, however, a lot of new data have been collected regarding Fender amplifiers, including production numbers. Advances have been made with regards to the production of tolex amps and it appears that much of this information can be applied to late s tweed amps as well. In addition, the dating-by-serial number tables have been revised and are more accurate. The bad news is that there is still a lot of work that needs to be done on the silverface amps.

Unfortunately, there is some sad news to report as well. Fellow Fender amp researcher, Greg Huntington, passed away June 5, after losing his battle with cancer. Greg kept his illness very private, even from this author.

Vintage Traynor YSR-1 Custom Reverb Tube Guitar Amp

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined

Nov 13,  · With most U.S. distribution limited to the U.S. Northeast and Northern Midwest, many of the vintage Traynor amps that come to the used market today still originate from these regions. Pete Traynor left the company in and subsequently lived a quiet life until his death in

The black from the early to late 60’s. You can see the badge on the open case. The subject of ES cases is a dull one. The best one is to look at the wear pattern-it should match the guitar in it and have no other wear. Look at where the strings hit the top and where the tuners hit the sides. The wear should be pretty well defined. In the early days, nearly all of the guitars were housed in brown Lifton cases with a hot pink interior.

Plenty of overlap as usual. The distinguishing mark of a Lifton, besides the badge, is the texture of the covering-a pebble grain, almost elephant grain that is distinctive. The vinyl covering was much finer with very little raised texture. All the latches are the same on these.

TRAYNOR YGM3 GUITAR MATE REVERB Early 70s Valve/Tube Amp Marshall/Vox/Tweed Tone

Cathedral City, California, Ships to: The amp was made in by Valco. It is all original with 2 Jensen 12″ speakers both dating to and it still has the 2 prong power cable. Don’t let the “bass amp” logo fool you.

Nov 22,  · Traynor YBA-1 Traynor was founded in Toronto in the ’60s by Pete Traynor, who, like many amp pioneers, got his start as a repairman and ceaseless tinkerer. Traynor’s amps, while unabashedly based on popular Marshall and Fender circuits, were built to escape the repair problems Traynor was used to seeing while working for Long and McQuade.

It might be because it was a sentimental gift, maybe it was sold to pay the bills, or maybe you just didn’t realize how much you loved that guitar until it was gone. These are the stories of the ones that got away. Most of them are my own stories, but send me your stories as well and they just might get published here. So I’ll start off with a favorite. It’s my opinion that Music Man amps just might be the most underrated vintage buy out there.

They’ve got all the right bloodlines, they sound fantastic, they hold up well, and they are priced right. Well, I think they’re priced wrong I think they should be selling for a lot more than they are. I have owned a few Music Man amps over the years and I’ve owned a few old Fenders as well, so I have a good point of reference for that sound. I’ll take the Music Man at less than half the price.

Basically it was a Super Reverb knockoff.

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Dating from the early seventies, this amp has been kept well-serviced and is a versatile gigging amp. It’s had the original Hammond v power transformer replaced (this is included in the sale) so operates at v without the need for a step-down transformer.

See More Back Dating back to , Taylor acoustic guitars have been making headlines in guitar magazines for more than 40 years. But they didn’t always go by the name ‘Taylor’ – if you’re a veteran of the ’70s music scene, you might remember their introduction as the Westland Music Company. No matter what they’ve been called over the years, some things haven’t changed: In this lineup of Taylor acoustic guitars, you’ll see that they continue to live up to their excellent reputation.

The simple secret to Taylor’s success is that they’ve always had a clear focus on the artist. They’re ready to take on any style of music, so no matter how you like to play, you can find an instrument in this section that’s the right fit for you. For instance, are you looking for something compact enough for travel or for a young musician to handle?

Traynor YCV20WR Tube Amp Review