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Mohamed Muqtar, who worked in the Cal athletic department for nearly 25 years, was fired on May 11 after being placed on investigatory leave in December. Multiple former female student-athletes, including WNBA All-Star Layshia Clarendon, all claim to have been abused by the year-old, dating back nearly two decades. Clarendon, who currently plays for the Atlanta Dream , filed a civil lawsuit in January, which started the investigation into Muqtar. Clarendon claimed that Muqtar, the assistant director for student services at Cal, invited her to his home when she was 18 and sexually assaulted her after walking in on her while she was using the bathroom. When he began rubbing her shoulders, she immediately left without saying anything. She never reported the interaction. She took this as an overture and immediately got out of the car.

CIA withholding information on flight MH370, says former Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad

They both come from wealthy Jewish-Iranian families. Rad has stated that the impetus for the app was his observation that “no matter who you are, you feel more comfortable approaching somebody if you know they want you to approach them. Rad has also stated that Tinder filled a gap for social sites for meeting strangers, rather than connecting with people a user already knows.

Initially, instead of a swiping motion, users would click on either a green “heart” or red “X” to select or move on from the photos shown. The average user would generally spend about an hour and a half on the app each day. Chatting on Tinder is only available between two users that have swiped right on one another’s photos.

Effects of Supervisor-Employee Relationship on Job Performance by Justin Conway. Employee job performance is one of the most important factors within business analytics for maintaining and increasing productivity for companies (Elangovan, & Xie, ; Spreitzer, ).

Often, no one could have seen it coming. Boundary issues can arise in ways that therapists may not initially predict or even recognize. But, in too many cases therapists behaved in ways that seem completely out of touch with the impact their decisions and actions had on those with whom they had a professional relationship. Legal suits and the cost of defending licensing board complaints cause professional liability insurance rates to rise, thus harming all therapists.

Sadly, the stigma and the stress endured by the therapist if found guilty can be debilitating Warren and Douglas, Among the most significant changes in the ethics codes of professional organizations are those related to the drawing of boundaries between therapists and their clients. Over the last couple of decades we have witnessed a relaxation of rigid restrictions.

The reasoning for this has included the recognition that boundary crossing cannot be totally avoided, some belonging under certain circumstances may even be helpful to the client or at least cause them no harm , and sometimes boundary crossings are mandated Barnett, a. On the surface, the loosening of restrictions also feels more protective of therapists, allowing for leeway as to how therapists and their clients interact.

At the same time, however, additional burdens are placed on therapists because the rules are no longer firm. What the therapist may deem as an acceptable, even helpful, boundary crossing may be experienced as inappropriate or harmful by the client, as will be discussed further. Our main goal for this course is to make a strong case for vigilance and ongoing self-awareness when making decisions about boundary crossing with clients.

The police came to your client’s home this morning to arrest her year-old son for assault. She is extremely distraught.

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Edited at 7 p. Updated on July 16 6 p. There was a shooting last night in Stoughton.

“When a supervisor and employee are dating, it can potentially decrease morale in the department and raise suspicions by coworkers of preferential treatment,” said Kristin Bowl, spokeswoman for the SHRM.

Senior research scientist Alexander Cherkinsky specializes in the preparation of samples for Carbon testing. He directed the pretreatment and processing of the dinosaur bone samples with the Accelerator Mass Spectrometer, though he did not know the bones were from dinosaurs, and he signed the reports. Carbon dating at this facility is certainly the very best. But in , someone told the director of the facility, Jeff Speakman, that the Paleochronology group was showing the Carbon reports on a website and YouTube and drawing the obvious conclusions.

So when he received another bone sample from the Paleochronology group, he returned it to sender and sent an email saying: The scientists at CAIS and I are dismayed by the claims that you and your team have made with respect to the age of the Earth and the validity of biological evolution. Consequently, we are no longer able to provide radiocarbon services in support of your anti-scientific agenda.

I have instructed the Radiocarbon Laboratory to return your recent samples to you and to not accept any future samples for analysis. No, his objection was that the Paleochronology group was using the reports as evidence that dinosaurs lived thousands, not millions, of years ago. So I asked him 3 times over 3 weeks what is the right conclusion to draw from the test results they provided us; then I asked his entire scientific staff.

None of them had an answer. This is an attitude we have encountered among members of academia: Anyone who challenges the established truth is made an enemy.

Former Grindr Employee Sues Company Over Alleged Rape, Drugging by Supervisor

Objective facts constituting reasonable belief employee under influence; completion of required form. Supplied in codification NAC The term does not include a casual relationship or an ordinary association between persons in a business or social context. An agency in the Executive Branch of State Government which is designated as a department by statute; 2. The Nevada System of Higher Education; and 3.

If the former, then spend your time looking for other ways to pass the time: redefining your role within the company, taking on special projects, or conducting a job search after hours.

Never A Good Idea 9. But if that romance is between a supervisor and a subordinate, it could easily be a disaster waiting to happen. In fact, a prime example of how things can go south recently arose in Oregon’s House of Representatives. Wingard, 39 years old and unmarried, was recently accused of misconduct by a former aide who says she was pressured into engaging in a sexual relationship with him.

The woman, who was 20 years old at the time, pointed to sexually-explicit text messages between the two, and now alleges that Wingard furnished her with alcohol when she was minor. When the story broke, he admitted a consensual relationship, but denied providing her with alcohol when she was a minor. Their relationship only lasted three weeks, but those three weeks have already proven very costly for Wingard. First, he was forced from his post as deputy Republican Leader of the House when the allegations broke.

Later, he was stripped of his co-chairmanship of the House Education Committee. Finally, as the breadth of the scandal grew and his support dwindled, Wingard announced that he was dropping his reelection bid and would be leaving the House at the end of his term. Some speculate that if further damaging allegations arise, Wingard may be forced to leave the legislature even sooner.

Former Vice Female Employees Say They Endured Harassment On The Job

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Michael james ross is a lawyer and junior partner at pearson specter litt, a former older boss seduces young secretary legal consultant supervisor at the eastside legal clinic, with whom he now has a legal partnership with, and was a former investment banker at sidwell investment group.

Schedule a Demo In the Know Check out our blog for the latest employee relations and workplace investigations insights, trends, and news. From the MeToo movement to best practices and personal anecdotes from the field, the HR Acuity blog is here to help you stay in the know on all things employee relations. Interview Questions to Ask During Workplace Investigations By Deb Muller, on Jul 15th, Conducting workplace investigations involves gathering a lot of firsthand information from employees who are involved or are witnesses to the subject of the investigation.

Every investigation has individual needs and so must be conducted as such. In your own words, what happened? This question takes into account both what was witnessed and what was perceived. An overview of the incident from the mind of the person interviewed can be helpful to understanding future answers. Where and when did this take place?

Pinpointing timing and location is important to constructing a timeline. This can also lead to other sources for gathering information. What did you personally witness? This drills down from the first question and tries to separate perception from reality.

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October 19, It happens more than you think. With A-list celebrities calling out Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein for sexual harassment and the flood of women on your Facebook feed copy and pasting “Me Too” as a way of speaking out about their own sexual assault, it seems this once silent issue isn’t silent anymore. While the weight of this horrifying epidemic may have seemed far away from your own social circles until now, it’s important to understand that this is happening.

And it’s happening a lot. She wished to remain anonymous but said she worked for Weinstein’s Company for not even a year before she quit due to a culture of fear she experienced that was always present in the office. Everyone was so reactionary.

Watch video · Tinder’s first podcast is here to help you navigate the world of online dating (music supervisor for celebrated public radio show This American Life, and former editor at Jezebel) explore.

Some of the most common responsibilities of supervisors are to delegate work, and to give information or advice to subordinates. In acknowledging that it is the duty of supervisors to ensure that employee job performance is at maximum potential, it would be advantageous for managers in all trades and industry sectors worldwide to understand what types of employee-supervisor interactions are associated with employee job performance.

Knowledge regarding the possible association between supervisor-employee relationship and job performance would enable the implementation of more effective systems for management, and subsequently, better productivity for the company through increased job performance. This assessment seeks to evaluate examples from current research to understand the relationship between four dimensions of employee-supervisor interaction [perceived organizational support POS , trust in the supervisor TS , leader-member exchange LMX , and reward systems RS ], and employee job performance.

Research on the associations of these variables shows varied results because of the difficulty in ruling out extraneous variables in the workplace. However, researchers generally agree that POS can act as a foundation for interaction with supervisors that allows other beneficial constructs, such as trust, to begin to develop. An organization is really a complex system that has no physical body of its own, so if an employee is to feel a sense of support, it will result from interactions with other individuals within the company.

Supervisors act as the face of the organization, giving employees feedback and advocating on behalf of their company. In this respect, Rhodes and Eisenberger stated that favorable treatment from a supervisor is synonymous with support from the organization, which raises POS among employees. In other words, whether the company has an organizational hierarchy, team management, positive reinforcement, or negative reinforcement method of management, employees tend to view fairness, support, rewards, and favorable job conditions as signs of POS.

POS acts as an emotional reward to employees for their continued loyalty and high job performance. In this respect, the psychological state of employees acts as a moderator in the POS to job performance relationship. Furthermore, current mood often affects the way support is received.