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You can’t fancy men because you’re in a wheelchair. Consciously or not, it appears our airbrushed society wants to assume that only the physically perfect should be getting laid. The general view is that disabled people don’t have sex. As with elderly people and the underaged, we prefer to believe they’re safely tucked up in bed alone. Disabled sex is taboo, but denying its existence has never made it go away. Some argue that, by denying a sex life, we deny disabled people their full human rights. Disabled people who want a sexual relationship are not just up against the perception that they don’t have sex. There are practical issues.

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Our many thousands of members are all loveable, desirable and looking for friendship, companionship and love. At Disability Matches, we believe we have utilised the perfect combination to create a dating site for people with disabilities where you can quickly join in the community and start communicating with people near you that understand just what it’s like to be you. Perhaps you have learning difficulties and find it difficult to meet the right person to have a romantic relationship with?

Or maybe you have a physical disability that you feel is preventing you from finding ‘the one’? It could be that you’re on the autistic spectrum or have cerebral palsy, or MS? Whatever your ‘disability’, Disability Matches is a disabled dating service that provides an environment where we guarantee you will feel welcome and completely at home or your money back.

By excluding pupils councils are in breach of the Equality Act, according to Enable Scotland – a charity that supports people with learning disabilities and family carers.

Groups are currently running in Glasgow, Renfrewshire and Aberdeen. They organise several social events every month which include ten pin bowling, meals out, theatre trips and quiz nights. They also organise dating events including speed dating and mix and mingle nights. The LATE events are open to all but especially welcoming to people with learning disabilities and runs 3 to 4 times per year.

They arrange social activities for people with disabilities in safe and friendly places in Edinburgh and the Lothians. From Wiff Waff ping pong tournaments, to the panto, speed dating, dancing and meals out, and much more. Membership of get2gether is completely free. Gig Buddies Scotland Support people with a learning disability to get out to more gigs and enjoy the social live they choose. They link people with a learning disability who have a love for live events, with a volunteer that shares the same interests as them.

They have a network of contacts including local groups which can help to put people in touch with others who have similar interests. The Outsiders Club Offer physically and socially disabled people the chance to gain confidence, make new friends and form relationships. They run local lunches where you can get to know others in the groups.

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Videos Learning disability Turning Point Scotland provides person centred supports to people with learning disabilities and Autism Spectrum Conditions across Scotland. We make sure the people we support are at the heart of planning and any decisions made about their support — this is what we mean when we say we are a person centred. We also ensure the people we support have a say in decisions that shape our organisation — this is done through our local and national TPS Connects groups.

Dating and friendship agency for learning disabled people, working nationally, includin West Cheshire. Sibs for brothers and sisters of disabled children and adults Sibs is the only UK charity representing the needs of siblings of disabled people.

Have had a couple of people contact me already – frustrated such a service does not exist for there loved ones. This has prompted me to create a facebook group which I hope you will join While most people keep their ideas secret, I’d prefer someone else implement and benefit from this idea rather than it fade in my head and never happen! If you like this idea or know of a similar one please e-mail me at.

Originally I thought such a site should be for people with physical disabilities too, however since I had this idea I’ve noticed quite a few dating sites now exist for physically disabled people, especially those in wheelchairs, however the needs for those with learning difficulties is very different indeed.

Although there are numerous dating sites see: Online Dating Sites , none I’ve seem to cater for the needs of people who are intellectually less-abled. Such individuals often depend on a carer to watch out for their interests and thus this site will be unlike other dating and networking sites in that the carer will create their own profile coupled to the individual s they care for.

Although dating will be a part of the site, disabled people and their carers can also set their profiles in fact it will be the default to “seeking friends” and thus can network with similar individuals or social groups in their neighbourhood. However, if like me, you’ve complained at times how hard it is to find someone special – image how difficult it is for people with handicaps.

My older sister has learning difficulties – school was very hard for her – kids teased her relentlessly and in our small city there really wasn’t anyone one else we knew with similar age and level-of-disability. For a while there was a social group she joined of younger people, and that was great, but now she’s 28 and I know, chances are she’ll never find love.


Learning disabilities Learning disabilities Learning disabilities was a clinical priority for the RCGP from in recognition that people with a learning disability are not getting equal access to healthcare. These resources are designed to support GPs and the primary healthcare team to care for people with a learning disability and to encourage equal access to healthcare. Annual health checks for people with learning disabilities – step by step toolkit This guide is aimed to help primary care provide high quality annual checks for people with a learning disability.

By notifying the deaths of patients with learning disabilities aged 4 years and over to the LeDeR programme.

autism, sensory impairment and learning difficulties dementia Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland (safeguards the rights of people with mental health problems, learning disabilities, dementia and .

I have to be really careful with little things like leaning on a hot radiator, because my left side is numb. I get it a lot more now than I did when I was first diagnosed. It can last for up to an hour. The way I have to deal with it is just lay there with my eyes closed and ride it out. The year-old is one of 4, people with the condition who were refused personal independence payment PIP last year, amounting to nearly a third of all MS sufferers who applied for the benefit.

A further 6 per cent 1, qualified for PIP initially but were then rejected after a reassessment — despite MS being a long-term progressive condition, for which there currently is no cure. I also have permanent sensory issues. I get sent all over the place in Dorset to different appointments, from Bournemouth to Dorchester. I have to buy a lot of over the counter medication. I spend a ridiculous amount of money on prescriptions. In too many cases, assessments fail to reflect the barriers people with MS face.

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Hayley with Sam and Luke Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Sitting on the edge of the sofa, I watched the young couple on TV. As they ate ice cream and made nervous small talk, I rooted for them. And when they later swapped numbers and kissed goodbye, I beamed with pride. As a matchmaker for people with learning disabilities, I regularly help would-be boyfriends and girlfriends, like Luke and Alice, find love.

That episode showed me phoning Luke, a member of the dating project I run, to suggest a date with Alice, also a member. After I showed them to their table, then sat at the other end of the restaurant in case they needed me, there were a few awkward silences.

stars in your eyes dating dating agency for learning disabilities. stars in your eyes dating. 4 reviews of stars in your eyes after calling many many many astologers dating service is the caviar and waste your time on the.

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For services to Education. Member of Parliament for Southend West. For political and public service. For services to Policing in the United Kingdom.

Autistic Dating is a completely free online dating and friendship site for people with autism or aspergers. Register with us to find your perfect match, we have a large community of others just like you.

Reed job search You can upload your CV to some job sites where employers can see it. If you decide to put your CV on a social network or job site, remove your home address and phone numbers first to protect your privacy. Only include your name and email address. You may also want to try: Get help locally If you’ve never been online, many local Age UKs also run computer training classes which can teach you the basics Find out what your local Age UK has to offer Where else can I find a job?

Keep an eye out in your local area for anywhere advertising for staff. Many smaller firms and shops still put up notices in their windows. If there is a particular place you would like to work locally, why not pop in, phone up, or drop off your CV with a covering letter? Local newspapers carry job adverts, sometimes on a particular day of the week. Your local council should also have a vacancies section on their website, and this will be a good source of local job opportunities. You may also want to find out about local volunteering opportunities.

More help See our build up your skills and volunteering section for more ideas What are recruitment agencies? Recruitment agencies, also known as employment agencies, can help you to find work; permanent or temporary, full-time or part-time.

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The changing social order Social change in the broadest sense is any change in social relations. Viewed this way, social change is an ever-present phenomenon in any society. A distinction is sometimes made then between processes of change within the social structure, which serve in part to maintain the structure, and processes that modify the structure societal change. The specific meaning of social change depends first on the social entity considered. Changes in a small group may be important on the level of that group itself but negligible on the level of the larger society.

Social change, in sociology, the alteration of mechanisms within the social structure, characterized by changes in cultural symbols, rules of behaviour, social organizations, or value systems. Throughout the historical development of their discipline, sociologists have borrowed models of social.

FAQs Our central London agency provides a safe environment for you to make new friends and start relationships. We are a not-for-profit Community Interest Company CIC and our aim is to bring people together from all over the city. We focus on dating but we believe friendship is just as important! Supporting you, your family and carers is important to us so we meet all our members face to face so that you can feel confident about our matches. To become a member of happily you have to have a learning disability or autism and be over the age of Click on our membership section to find out more.

The idea of happily was born from my first-hand experience of helping my younger sister who has learning disabilities to find love and friendship.

‘Sometimes I wake up and I can’t move’: Woman with chronic MS refused disability benefits by DWP

All traditional closed prisons in England and Wales are shown here. This document is also associated with a list of Open Prisons. For no good reason, the small number of UK prisons outside England and Wales are looked after by four different agencies two in Northern Ireland, one for operational prisons, one for “spares”.

Problems Loneliness. If you are feeling lonely you need to establish the reason for your loneliness. You may live on your own, have experienced a relationship breakdown or may have been bereaved and are looking for ways to make new friends and improve your social life.

Share The agency now has over models on the books. Laura, a 34 year old social worker, says: Model Caitlyn Fulton, 17, from Kilmarnock is a self-confessed fashionista who suffers with cerebral palsy and a stammer James Shaw, 21, a world-class wheelchair tennis star is represented by the agency ‘We need more plus size models and there are nowhere near enough older people represented on the catwalk, but the real omission is people with disabilities.

Caitlyn says that modelling improves her stammer as it helps her feel liberated and confident right Model Caitlyn Fulton is a self-confessed fashionista who has cerebral palsy and a stammer. At 11 months, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She uses a wheelchair and as a child had several operations on her legs. At the age of 10, after a major operation, she developed a stammer.

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Voted Best Education Provider for the Undergraduate Nursing Programme of the Year at the SNTA National Awards Overview Nurses specialising in learning disabilities aim to improve social inclusion and quality of life for people with learning disabilities through care and support. This degree course will develop your professional knowledge and understanding in the field of learning disabilities nursing and its application, giving you an academic qualification and the vocational training to become a registered nurse.

You’ll put theory into practice in our state-of-the art Simulation and Clinical Skills Centre and participate in work placements within Lothian and Borders and across the East of Scotland in a variety of health and social care settings. Over the three years you will develop your skills, knowledge and confidence and complete the degree programme with a registered nurse qualification.

Disability Matches is a thriving community of singles who live with disabilities. Meet, chat and fall in love with disabled daters in your area. If you are looking to be part of a community of people who understand your life then join Disability Matches today and find online dates instantly!

Friday 14 March Audio transcript What follows is a direct transcription of the audio recording, made by Iriss specifically to assist people with hearing difficulties. Because of the differences between spoken and written English, the transcript may contain quirks of grammar and syntax. MM We are at the Arches in Glasgow for the ‘Late’ event, it’s Scotland’s first fully inclusive club night for people with learning disabilities and one of the Directors is here from Dates-n-Mates, John Paul.

Now, John Paul, before you tell us a bit about the campaign, can you first of all tell us a bit about what is Dates-n-Mates? JP Yes, no bother, Michael. Dates-n-Mates is a dating and friendship agency and we are run by and for people with learning disabilities in Glasgow. We’re Scotland’s first dating and friendship agency and we launched in , in what was known as Learning Disability Week. So it’s a way where people with learning disabilities can make friendships and look for and sustain long term relationships.

MM So how many members have you got overall? JP So far roughly about , , that kind of varies, a lot of people sign up and it’s a yearly membership that they sign up for and it’s JP Well we have got one down in Ayrshire, they’re known as DM2 Ayrshire, and we didn’t help them set up, we gave them the best ways to help promote, they’re supported by Partners for Inclusion, so

dates-n-mates Promotional Video 2016